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MPC, Yeah You Know Me! A Look At Electra's MPC X330

In 1976, Electra came out with their MPC (modular powered circuits) line of instruments. Produced by the Matsumoku Factory of Japan, the guitars had huge cavities routed in the back to house the MPC's, which pushed in and pulled out at a moments notice to give the player a multitude of effects to choose from! Electra produced 12 different modules, some of which included fuzz, phase, auto wah, and even "frog nose", which allowed your output jack to become an input for headphones.

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Introducing The Tritone Rangers!

Tritone Rangers - Musical Instruments for Kids As both parents and musicians ourselves, it has become increasingly clear that there are very limited resources for parents looking to encourage their children to begin learning an instrument, especially if they want to learn along with them. Additionally, we often see that musical products that are geared towards kids are often only promoted to young boys, which has lasting effects on the way children perceive their role in music throughout the rest of their lives. So, together, with our families we are setting out to create a brand that caters to all children six months and above with fun products that make music exciting, accessible, and inclusive.

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